Soooo, after taking the Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination (read: all the states got together and said “eeeeeek, you want us to let the argument powers of a group of people decide the liberty of the population?? eeeeeeek…. Can we try and see if they can at least argue their way through our ethics test first?”) I’ve realized I need to add a disclaimer.

But don’t you worry, I won’t make you read the standard disclaimer. If I can do one thing, it’s translate:

Stuff I put here is for you to read and enjoy. Want to learn about the FTC’s most recent encounters with the court room and what they mean for the future of the Internet? Pull up a chair. But by pulling up a chair, you’re not doing so on the opposite side of my virtual desk. Nothing on this blog is intended to serve as legal advice. If you have, say, been arrested for violating the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, don’t ask your one-call person to go look up my blog.

Ask them to call you a lawyer. Seriously. The Internet cannot solve all of  your problems. And don’t let anything on this site make you think you can wait around to call a lawyer either. My site & I assume no responsibilities, nor make any warranties with regards to the accuracy of the information on the site and any actions you might take because you think it’s accurate (so, essentially, to be clear, if you’re going to read my blog, just expect that I’m not liable if you rely on what you read here. If you really need to know about the legal matters I discuss, you need to contact a lawyer).

This is not a site where clicking links creates a relationship. In case you wanted to be sneaky, just by reading around in my blog or clicking any links I’ve embedded, you have not created an attorney-client relationship with me. And finally, everything written here is the opinion only of the original person who wrote it (if I have guest bloggers or something, it’s easier to have some sort of blanket statement). If I let someone else share an opposing side, be cool about it. You might just learn something. I try to be neutral, but it doesn’t work out so well.

Update: I’ve been admitted to the California Bar! That doesn’t change any of the information above, but it does mean that if you do need legal help in the State of California, feel free to reach out. However, keep in mind that writing a message to me or communicating with me in any other manner does not create an attorney-client relationship and is not protected by attorney-client privilege until I agree to represent you.

Ok, happy reading!

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