About the Translator

IMG_7919Updated October 25, 2022:

I am now a Clinical Teaching Fellow in the Communications and Technology Law Clinic at Georgetown University Law Center in D.C. You can find my most up-to-date bio here.

I, Lauren Harriman (“L” for short), am an attorney licensed in California and in D.C. I am also a CIPP/US. I earned my J.D. with a Certificate in Intellectual Property & Technology (the certificate was with honors!) from the University of San Francisco School of Law. 

And as always, I’m giving into my inner recovering #Engineer (that whole B.S. in Engineering Physics with a focus in Electronics from Santa Clara University).

Still curious to know more? Read about my recent projects below, or skip to my LinkedIn page.

For more on what it means to be a CIPP/US, check out What it means to be a Certified Information Privacy Professional (previously part of “About the Translator”)

Some of my Projects/Accomplishments over the years:

1st Place at AngelHackSF

My team won 1st place at AngelHackSF after I wrote and a delivered a rockstar pitch for a machine learning-powered Constituent Relationship Management software package.

2nd Place at IBM’s Cognitive Builder Faire

My team was the runner up at IBM’s Cognitive Builder Faire after I wrote the pitch and delivered the intro for a rapping chatbot. You can read more about what we built in my post Getting to Know Watson (Part 2): Earning 2nd Place at Galvanize’s Cognitive Builder Faire.

A screenshot of our demo of Kanye Watson at the Cognitive Builder Faire.

Opened an Etsy Store

My latest project: Your Facebook Engagement Announcement Comments Laser Engraved in Wood

I was a lifetime member at the original Tech Shop before it went out of business. It was amazing. For a little while, I had an Etsy store for selling laser engraved projects. You can read more about those projects in my post: How I Used A Laser Cutter to Make Wedding Presents.

The project used a laser cutter to etch Facebook comments on your engagement announcement into wood (technically medium density fiberboard). I’ve made them for a couple of couples (haha) already, and they’re a big hit. The reason I had to price them so high is because the product is very design-heavy. I have to manually set all the layout before I can etch the comments into wood- I can’t just open up Facebook and hit “print.”


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