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When I started on WordPress, having all of my posts automatically show up on the main page was a pretty awesome feature. Now that I’m doing more varied kinds of writing, I’m dividing up Tech Talk Translated into various sections to insure that it’s easiest for you to find the kind of content you are most interested in reading.

First and foremost: The Top 10 Posts You Should Read on Tech Talk Translated

For my general musings, typically about tech law, check out: Other Blog Pieces

For my traditional SDK posts, check out: The SDK and The SDK: The Privacy Edition

For posts from and about forums and conferences, check out: Forums/Conferences

For links to the content I wrote for FindLaw, a part of Thomson Reuters, check out: FindLaw Posts

For posts about travel, check out: Travel

For posts re the Travel Ban, check out the “Travel Ban” tag, or click here: Travel Ban

As always, I encourage you to comment on posts or reach out to me directly with questions. Thanks for continuing to read my translations!