About Tech Talk Translated

Tech Talk Translated began as “The SDK”. But since my graduation from law school, with the help of many people who have been incredibly generous with their time, mentorship, and explanation of higher technical concepts, The SDK has truly grown into “Tech Talk Translated.” To see where my blogging began, check out The SDK. With the aforementioned folks, I have had the incredible opportunity to really branch out my writing into blog pieces commenting about specific news which I find interesting and is important to me (see especially The Top 10 Posts You Should Read on Tech Talk Translated). Words cannot express how thankful I am to these folks.

So here’s the current scheme:


This menu includes most of my posts – including my travel posts. However, my FindLaw and LawInfo posts are listed separately because they are so different.


“SDK” in engineer-speak “stands for ‘Software Development Kit.’ An SDK is a collection of software used for developing applications for a specific device or operating system. Examples of SDKs include the Windows 7 SDK, the Mac OS X SDK, and the iPhone SDK.” SDK (Software Development Kit) Definition.

Tech Talk Translated (the original) – The SDK contains snippets from the latest news stories from around the world on Technology, Privacy, Surveillance, Data Security, Social Media, Policy, and more. When I have something to add, I will also comment below the snippets in Italics, marking my comment “Note:”.

The SDK is more than just a News Digest. Use the SDK the same way you might imagine you would use any traditional Software Development Kit; to develop your own solutions to the challenges facing the Operating System (see my first blog post, Hello World!, for an explanation of the “Operating System”).

The SDK is a category of blog posts. You can access it simply by clicking on the header menu “The SDK”, or by clicking “The SDK” on the categories list, or on the tags list (#TTTtheSDK on the tags list will also work).

The SDK:The Privacy Edition

Really, it’s the same as above. Except for sometimes I’m focusing on Privacy material, so those posts go in both The SDK and in The SDK: The Privacy Edition. This way readers who are most interested in Privacy can go directly to this category.

Other Blog Pieces

This is where, for now, most of the general “Tech Talk Translated” pieces go. I haven’t come up with a cool name for “commentary on an article/piece of news that I really found to be cool” yet. Stand by.


Just what it sounds like. I’ve been trying to get pretty good about reporting what I learn when I attend forums and conferences.


Another simply named category – aside from speaking legalese and tech pretty fluently, I am an avid world traveler. Travel-related posts are available under this category.

Travel Ban

I tried to stay out of politics, but the Travel Ban hit too close to home. As an attorney and as someone with the ability to host information, I feel a responsibility to help share information.

Have fun!

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