9th Circuit Stands Tall and Rules Against the Travel Ban

Update: One of the ninth circuit judges (anonymously, so not necessarily one of the three judges who issued the decision) “has made a sua sponte request that a vote be taken as
to whether the order issued by the three judge motions panel on February 9, 2017, should be reconsidered en banc.” Order available here. I’ve heard that this is common in high profile cases. More info from the court on what this all means is available here.


I’ve never been prouder of the 9th Circuit.

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Travel Ban Update: Department of Justice Has Filed Its Notice of Appeal



“The DOJ has filed its appeal [(available here)], which will likely be heard on Monday morning. Please encourage people to get on planes ASAP. This info is pulled directly from IRAPs letter to travelers. Please tweet and post on Facebook if you can and help spread the word.

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Airlines Still Not Complying with the Stay + Sample Tweets

Update: @NoBanJFK reports Norwegian and Thomas Cook Airlines now complying:

These airlines have not made any public statement regarding compliance with the federal district court order out of Seattle (available here) from last night:

@airchina @airindiain @FlyAirNZ @FlyANA_official @ceairlines
@CSAIR_GLOBAL @pakistanintairlines @RAM_Maroc @singaporeAir

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Feel-Good Stories from a Volunteer Attorney at Dulles Airport (IAD)

From Francey Youngberg‎ of Lawyers for Good Government:

(via Facebook, with her consent to share the text and her name, but not the photos in order to protect the law students who helped)
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Ways to Donate Directly to Volunteer Attorneys During the Travel Ban

These links point directly to grassroots organizations and allow you to directly support to the volunteer attorneys helping during the Travel Ban to combat the fallout from Trump’s Executive Order On Immigration.

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Airline Information (Responses to Tweets) During the Travel Ban

Urgent update 8pm Fri, Feb. 3:

URGENT: Lufthansa Allowing Passengers to Board to Boston through Feb 5

From Lawyers for Good Government:

“Below is Lufthansa’s advisory. We have confirmed that they are currently boarding visa holders in Germany who were previously prevented from boarding, including students. They will continue to do so until Sunday, but no one should wait in case these is a change. If anyone is trying to return to the US they should attempt to do so through a Lufthansa flight immediately.”


Below are tweet responses from airlines indicating their policies regarding whether they will transport travelers affected by the Travel Ban under President Trump’s Executive Order. This information was compiled (is being compiled) with help from the incredible members of Lawyers For Good Government.

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Understanding the Other Side: An Explanation of the Reasoning Behind Cancelling U.S. Visas From the 7 Banned Countries

For those of you genuinely wanting to understand how the Trump administration could just cancel (U.S. Visa – Urgent Notice; State Department notice revoking visas under Trump order released) U.S. visas for people from the 7 countries (Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen), I’ve compiled quotes and videos from news sources that explain their reasoning.

Please note that if you have read any of my other posts on the Travel Ban, you know that I am on the side of the volunteer lawyers and everyone else trying to help during this mess. But I believe strongly in trying to understand the other side, so this post is for those who share my passion for trying to find a compromise with the current administration.

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Responses from Airlines re Travel Ban Tweets

Update: This is no longer the most up-to-date document.

These are responses via Twitter from various Airlines which members of Lawyers for Good Government (and their social networks) tweeted to:

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