Feel-Good Stories from a Volunteer Attorney at Dulles Airport (IAD)

From Francey Youngberg‎ of Lawyers for Good Government:

(via Facebook, with her consent to share the text and her name, but not the photos in order to protect the law students who helped)

“The Muslim travel ban has brought out who we are as a people. When feeling despondent, remember this from the Law Firm of the Resistance at Baggage Claim 13. 1500 lawyers and translators came to IAD since Saturday. Our call for attys/translators for Arabic, Farsi and Somali yielded 1200 volunteers in 48 hours. People also donated food, gifts cards for Starbucks, parking vouchers, clipboards, printers, etc.

I was especially touched by people who JUST SHOWED UP:
A. An Arabic translator who heard on the news there were lawyers so he came to help.
B. People who could have been drinking at the bar at a layover came instead to help us.
C. Mom lawyers who came with their infants in strollers and toddlers in hand. And a laptop.
D. A small business owner down the street who came to do “anything”.
E. Dulles area residents who offered their homes for anyone too exhausted to drive home late at night.
F. The a capella group who came to sing “Stand by Me” and “America the Beautiful” to welcome travelers at the gate.

And finally, law students like these two in the picture. One was taking pictures of every volunteer and why they they came so he can share it with the Muslim community. The other translating for me a flyer in Arabic we want to distribute.

This is why I believe that love and law will trump hate and intolerance. #theforceiswithus #helpthelawyers