Airlines Still Not Complying with the Stay + Sample Tweets

Update: @NoBanJFK reports Norwegian and Thomas Cook Airlines now complying:

These airlines have not made any public statement regarding compliance with the federal district court order out of Seattle (available here) from last night:

@airchina @airindiain @FlyAirNZ @FlyANA_official @ceairlines
@CSAIR_GLOBAL @pakistanintairlines @RAM_Maroc @singaporeAir

Sample tweets:

Tweet 1
@airchina @airindiain @FlyAirNZ @FlyANA_official @ceairlines @CSAIR_GLOBAL #LetThemFly #Aviation #Travel!
Tweet 2
@pakistanintairlines @RAM_Maroc @singaporeAir #LetThemFly @wow_air #Aviation #Travel!

Reports from the ground indicate these airlines are not complying with the order, despite public statements saying otherwise:

@emirates @ethiadairways @lufthansa

Sample Tweet:

@emirates @ethiadairways @lufthansa – Please comply with #IRAP’s statement and #LetThemFly!

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