Link to Vermont Workers’ Compensation Laws on FindLaw

“Vermont just might be the sweetest state — home to Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, maple syrup, and Diane Keaton’s applesauce. While workers here might have the sweetest gig in America, if you are injured on the job, you may need to take some time away from work. Fortunately, Vermont workers’ compensation laws require your employer to provide you with insurance benefits for the coverage of work-related injuries or illnesses.” Read more at Vermont Workers’ Compensation Laws on FindLaw.

Link to Drunk Driving Law on LawInfo

“Whether you drove home too soon from the bar or went cruising with a joint, drunk driving laws in each state and in the District of Columbia criminalize the act of driving under the influence of alcohol or other impairing substances. In the United States, drivers are presumed drunk if they have a blood alcohol concentration at or above the federally recommended blood-alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.08 percent, although many states have lower limits for commercial drivers and underage drivers.” Read more at Drunk Driving Law on LawInfo.

Personal Note: Don’t drink and drive. I’ve never used any of these services, so I can’t speak to their quality/safety/etc., but if you’re in need of a ride home, check out: National Directory of Designated Driver Services.

Link to Pain and Suffering Damages in Iowa on FindLaw

“Iowa has an additional very specific bar on pain and suffering damages if you suffered your injuries in a car accident while committing for fleeing from the commission of a felony and are even 1% at fault for your injuries.” That’s right – if you:

  • get into an accident
  • while you happen to be fleeing from the scene where you committed a crime
  • punishable by a year or longer in jail and
  • you are even a tiny bit at fault for the accident

=no pain and suffering damages for you! Some legislator bothered to include this. Oh drafters, how you entertain me! Read more at Pain and Suffering Damages in Iowa on FindLaw.

Link to Arkansas Workers’ Compensation Laws on FindLaw

As I was writing this post (before the election), I wanted to write “first female President” 😦

“Arkansas has a long and proud history of committed professionals, including the first Democratic female Presidential nominee. But even the proudest, hardest working employees get injured at work. If you were injured in an accident at work in Arkansas, get ready to fight for the benefits to which you are legally entitled under Arkansas workers’ compensation laws.” Read more at Arkansas Workers’ Compensation Laws on FindLaw.

Link to Texas Workers’ Compensation Laws on LawInfo

“From Abbott to Zunkerville, Texas is chock-full of honest and hardworking folks. You get up each morning ready to do what needs to get done to provide for your family. Unfortunately, whether you wash cars or wait tables at the local diner, the Lone Star State is not the most ideal location to suffer a workplace injury. If you are hurt at work, your employer generally has the option of whether to compensate you for lost wages and medical costs under Texas workers’ compensation laws.” Read more at Texas Workers’ Compensation Laws on LawInfo.

Announcement: I’m writing LawInfo posts!

I still have more FindLaw articles to post, but I’m really excited about a new project I’m working on with Thomson Reuters to update LawInfo articles. For now, I’ll be posting them in the FindLaw Posts section because, while they are for a different site and a different audience, both my FindLaw articles and LawInfo articles are way different from anything else I’ve written on my blog. I hope you enjoy them as much as I’m enjoying writing them!

Link to West Virginia Car Accident Compensation Laws on FindLaw

“West Virginia offers plenty of adventure, but recovering compensation for damages suffered in a car accident does not need to be one of them. Whether your sport of choice is bungee-jumping or mountaineering” read more at West Virginia Car Accident Compensation Laws on FindLaw.

Link to New Mexico Workers’ Compensation Laws on FindLaw

“Whether you prefer red or green, you know that the Land of Enchantment offers residents and visitors alike a little bit of everything. From stories of alien abduction to a desert full of crystals, nothing about New Mexico is ordinary, including its workers’ compensation laws. If you were injured at work, you will be thankful to learn New Mexico workers’ compensation laws are broader than those in most states.” Read more at New Mexico Workers’ Compensation Laws on FindLaw.

Link to Pain and Suffering Damages in California on FindLaw

“Whether you still have whiplash from that accident you were in on the PCH, or that hot new toy out of Silicon Valley blew up in your hand, do not suffer in silence. As luck might have it, juries are required to award pain and suffering damages in California in certain cases.” Read more at Pain and Suffering Damages in California on FindLaw.