The Top 10 Posts You Should Read on Tech Talk Translated


Whether I met you at a networking event, you clicked here from LinkedIn/Twitter, or, even better, Google brought you here and you’ve never met me in real life, these are the top 10 posts I want to make sure you see while you’re here.

Drum roll please. . .

Updated May 15, 2016:

  1. Why Hackathons Need Fewer Hackers
  2. Getting to Know Watson (Part 2): Earning 2nd Place at Galvanize’s Cognitive Builder Faire
  3. My Proposal for Artificially Intelligent Bar Examination Graders
  4. Consider A Book – Oh and Casper Doesn’t Run Ghost Networks
  5. The SDK: The All Writs Act (Explains the law behind the Apple v. FBI iPhone unlocking case from back in 2016)
  6. What the Four Federal Court Rulings Against Trump’s Ban Actually Say in non-Lawyer-Speak
  7. 100 Years after Shackleton – What It’s Like To Be A Tourist in Antarctica, Subject to the Antarctic Treaty
  8. Strutting the Streets – No, Wait – Sidewalk: A Review of the Deliverybot Regulations Facing Dispatch
  9. Could Courts Use the Assumption of Risk Rule to Protect Defendants From Liability For Costly Repairs To Luxury Cars?
  10. Either get out of my life or get way better at it: iOS Public Transit & Next Destination

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