Ways to Donate Directly to Volunteer Attorneys During the Travel Ban

These links point directly to grassroots organizations and allow you to directly support to the volunteer attorneys helping during the Travel Ban to combat the fallout from Trump’s Executive Order On Immigration.

#NoMuslimBan open collective:

Allows either custom donation amounts or reimbursement of a specific expense.

SF Bay Helpers – Sign-up (and donation form)

Donate to OneJustice:

As of Feb. 2, there is no option to directly support Immigration attorneys during the travel ban, but the link above is the general donation page for OneJustice.

gofundme – HELP THE LAWYERS:

These funds will be used to provide items such as: food for clients and volunteer attorneys, defray airport parking and transportation expenses, secure meeting space and internet access, and purchase necessary supplies. NO MONEY WHATSOEVER will be used to compensate the volunteer attorneys, they are donating their services to this movement for free!

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