Activity Tracker Data – Could It One Day Be A Routine Part of Discovery?

In the future, your insurance company will know when you’re having sex, Fusion, April 14, 2014

Before I get into this, everyone put the overwhelming privacy concerns aside and think to yourself “Holy *** the code that allows this must be downright artistic.”
Ok, you may proceed to freak out now:

“A few years ago, a TechCrunch journalist wrote about how his Basis fitness band detected his sexual activity. Sex “has a bi-modal caloric burn distribution (i.e. lots of calorie burn at the beginning and end),” wrote Gregory Ferenstein. “[The data shows] I burned 100 calories between 1:07 to 2:00 am, without taking a single step, and fell asleep right afterwards.” To prove the point, Ferenstein included the infographic from the night.”


Via @Kashhill @TheRealFuture @Fusion @TechCrunch @Ferenstein @Basis
Note: I thought this article was pretty necessary for you to be aware of, plus the one it cites to (that’s actually really old): How Health Trackers Could Reduce Sexual Infidelity
It just occurred to me – can you imagine activity tracker data being used in a divorce/child custody case?! That seems unbelievable but I have a feeling it’s not so far off. You could extrapolate all kinds of everything from activity data.
Be sure to take note of Kashmir Hill’s great caption for  Gregory Ferenstein’s data chart: “TechCrunch writer’s data porn”.


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