This new Chrome extension helps you find black-owned businesses – Repost from Fusion

For the full article, see: This new Chrome extension helps you find black-owned businesses, Fusion, Aug. 9, 2016.

“As part of a Reboot Safety hackathon, Coleman, the organization’s programs and outreach director, decided to build the BuyBlack Chrome extension, which helps online shoppers find black-owned businesses. Navigate to Sephora, click on the black fist at the top of your browser, and you’ll be given a long list of alternatives, like Black Opal, a cosmetics and skincare company for women of color.”


“Though most of the Reboot Safety hackathon projects took on police violence, Coleman was most interested in the black economy. “There’s an entire system behind [Black Lives Matter] that’s been growing for years and years that’s broken and needs to be fixed,” she says. Coleman believes a strong black economy will have a trickle-down effect, helping to combat police violence and other forms of injustice.

Coleman hopes that the eventually, users of BuyBlack will be able to easily submit businesses and build lists of their favorites. She also wants to develop similar extensions for other people of color and continue to fight inequality with solutions from Silicon Valley.”

To install the extension, click here: BuyBlack

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