Traveling with Tech: Leave the Adapter at Home, Bring an HDMI cable instead

Charging Your Electronics Abroad: The Struggle Is Real

When you leave the U.S., there are a ridiculous number of things you’re supposed to remember to pack. Obviously, you must pack your passport. Realistically, you should probably take some ways of accessing your money while you’re abroad. You likely want to bring clothes.

But one item on the packing list is one that bugs me: for some ridiculous reason, we don’t all use the same outlets. Which means you need to bring an adapter if you are to have any hope of charging your electronics while you’re traveling. Or do you?

There are a ridiculous number of outlet types:
The world’s 15 different types of outlets

See? 15 different kinds. Sure, some relate to one another. But seriously, was Denmark feeling the need to be special in some way? What about Taiwan – that outlet is winking at me (ok, well it would be if it were “right side up”- this whole concept of “ground” being on top always confused me. They look better as smiley faces!).

Given my passionate response to the world’s outlet situation, imagine my joy at discovering this at a hotel in Buenos Aires, Argentina:

Wall outlets at a hotel in Buenos Aires, Argentina: U.S., Italian, and New Zealand/Australia

Yup, that’s right: right next to each other on the wall are a U.S. 3-prong outlet, an Italian outlet, and a New Zealand/Australia outlet. So, while you may not want to count on this being the case universally abroad, the modern age may have finally come up with a solution to the world’s failure to use one outlet type: install #AllTheOutlets!

Also keep in mind that many places offer wall or desk USB outlets these days, like this one:

U.S. 3-prong outlets + USB port outlets

Binge-Watching on a Budget while Travelling

Pack an HDMI Cable!

Every modern hotel TV has HDMI ports. So, if you want to avoid paying on demand movie fees, bring an HDMI cable and an adapter for your iPhone/Android/computer/other video device, and binge to your heart’s content. You can either buy content before you leave for your trip, or some hotels offer free WiFi with enough bandwidth to support Netflix/Hulu/Amazon Prime streaming.


Added 2021-03-22: As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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