Trump’s Ban Has NOT Been Fully Overturned – Here’s What Attorneys at the Airports are Reporting

For full article: Muslim ban detainees at JFK Airport are being pressured to revoke legal immigration status

Note: there are lots of great articles out there, but I’m citing to this one because one of the lawyer quoted is a good friend of mine, so I know what she’s saying is reliable!“According to lawyers spread out in teams across John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York, multiple detainees are being pressured to sign a form typically called a “withdrawal of application for admission.” Despite having the long-term legal right to stay in the country, the scared and nervous detainees, the lawyers said, are being asked to revoke their status so they can be sent back to their countries of origin.

‘What we’ve heard is that the detainees are told that they can sign the forms, go home, it’ll all be better and it’ll be like this all never happened,’ Melissa Trent, a representative of the lawyers, said in an interview on Sunday morning at Kennedy Airport. ‘It gives them authority to put these people back on planes and send them home.’

The forms are being presented in English to people who don’t speak the language well. One organizer with the lawyers said by phone late Saturday night that they’d seen one of the signed forms firsthand. Lawyers are urging detainees not to sign any forms at all.

. . .

The corps of lawyers who’ve been camped out at Kennedy Airport’s terminal 4, swilling coffee at a cafe where they’ve set up their home base, have so far managed to stop any of the detainees here from being sent home. Lawyers have filed at least 20 habeas corpus petitions from the airport. It’s not clear how many remain in detention on Sunday — and official information from immigration authorities is scarce. ”

If you are an attorney and you are able to help, comment below and I can send you the sign up Google spreadsheet for the various airports where there are organized efforts.

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