Daft Devices + Overly Sophisticated Devices = Overly Creepy Devices

A friend shared this article on Facebook: What happens when men design tech for women? These 5 utterly daft devices. It includes some pretty bad devices. *shudder*
I definitely saw the (a?) Bluetooth pregnancy test at CES. At the booth, they advertised that, along with your results, they also send you a “personalized plan”.
Disclaimer: I HAVE NEVER ACTUALLY LOOKED at the app itself. This was my stream-of-conscious-imagination-thought process at CES.
My immediate thoughts, because I know the available tech and am at some times crass, was:

Short version

Based off certain information you’ve given the app:
Option 1: “Congratulations!”
Option 2: “If you leave now, traffic is light, and you could be at Planned Parenthood in 10 minutes.”
It’s not my fault that you already told the app whether you were trying to get pregnant and said yes to “track my location”.

Longer version

1. Ok, so you’ve already inputted into some app whether or not you’re trying to get pregnant (most period tracking apps ask).
2. Your phone knows your current location.
3. Period tracking and other wellness apps often ask your age, so the pregnancy test app could certainly know your age.
4. (Hopefully you know where I’m getting at – the app could definitely know whether this was planned/unplanned……….)
5. The app could certainly ask whether you wanted to “share your location”. And because you likely didn’t think too much of it, you likely shared your location.
6. Two examples of potential personalized plans:

Option 1:

“Congratulations! We’re so happy to be part of this exciting moment for you! Here are some things you should do as soon as possible: [insert whatever a woman is traditionally supposed to do once she finds out she’s pregnant.]

Option 2:

“We understand that this may be unexpected news. You have many options available to you. Note, however, that any decision you make is time sensitive and should be made with all the information you have available to. That being said, if you leave now, traffic is light and you could be at your local Planned Parenthood in 10 minutes.”

A Potential Winner:

On another note, author of this article has a hilarious note re: the “Emergency Bra
“Given Delhi’s terrible levels of air pollution though, they might just have an unintended winner here.” ha.

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